Case Study

Barbour International Live Sessions

Piccadilly Circus

The Barbour International Sessions celebrate the brand’s confident attitude through live performances from emerging artists. Gravitize were delighted when approached by our friends at Brother Film Co to design, manage and deliver the audio specification required for the show.

Objectives & Strategy

We were keen to deliver an engaging, unique experience for an intimate audience in the Piccadilly Circus flagship store. Building on previous years’ Live Sessions, we increased the technical specification to provide full range, high-resolution audio to connect the audience in store with the performances. If we can make it feel amazing to the audience, we knew the bands would play at their best and the energy in the room would translate to video.

It was crucial we provided a reliable, redundant recording solution to capture the event for distribution as part of the Barbour International campaign. We weren’t going to let a glitch in technology result in these live sessions not reaching any of the brand’s audience online. We built a fully redundant multitrack recording solution, alongside two stereo recording systems capturing the live mix from the room.


“Gravitize are our go-to for delivering seamless audio for live events. We recently worked together filming a range of live music sessions for a video series - Gravitize created a high quality performance and recording set-up in the limited time available, were calm and considered under pressure and ultimately absolutely nailed it!”

Adam Holmes, Brother Film Co.

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